Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Is Acupuncture Performed?

The process of acupuncture is performed as follows: The acupuncturist inserts very thin metal or stainless steel needles into the skin. These needles are inserted at specific acupuncture points in the skin. Regarding safety, the needs are all sterilized before insertion and are also of the disposable types. Do remember to enquire about the needle type and disposal methods from your doctor before you opt for the procedure. Do remember that the transmission of some highly contagious diseases such as HIV AIDS and Hepatitis B are passed on through contaminated needles. These needles are left inserted into the skin for an average of 15 to 30 minutes and the treatment generally needs to be repeated for multiple sessions for around 2-3 weeks or, depending on the weight to be lost, the treatment may even last for several months.
Before the treatment actually begins, the acupuncturist will investigate the patient's medical history, and right before the process starts, the patient's pulse will also be checked several times. It is also likely that the acupuncturist will check the individual's tongue, or examine the parts of your body which are to be treated. Only after the pre-treatment is complete will the acupuncturist determine whether or not you are fit enough to undergo the treatment.
While treating for weight loss, the acupuncture points within the ears are generally used for the treatment of weight loss and general detoxification of the body. During the procedure, the acupuncturist places five needles in each ear. Out of these five needles, four correspond to specific organs inside the body - the kidneys, the lungs, the nervous system and the liver. The fifth needle is simply placed in the ear for the relaxation of the patient. Once the acupuncture for weight loss treatment starts, the body will be stimulated to produce endorphins. Endorphins help combat the cravings for carbohydrates in the body, reduce appetite, and in cases where weight loss is related to drug abuse, then endorphins also help with withdrawal symptoms.