Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Acupuncture Ear Staples For Weight Loss

n recent years, American acupuncturists have developed the process of acupuncture ear staples for weight loss. However, the process is not very safe and is often ineffective. In this method, instead of five points, only two points are used. Each point is placed in the upper and outer part of each ear. However, the main problem in this procedure is that the ear cartilage hardly has any resistance to infection. Unlike the needles which are placed in the skin before every treatment and removed at the end of the treatment, ear staples are left in place for several days. This can lead to permanent damage to the ear drums if the ear staples enter the ear canal. They can also cause infection in the entire ear. As a result, acupuncture ear staples are not at all recommended for weight loss.
While there is no scientific proof as to if acupuncture actually works or not, over the years, the procedure has become an accepted form of treatment for weight loss. However, if you are considering opting for acupuncture as a method of losing weight, do ensure that the practitioner you chose is a reputable and reliable one. Confirming the status of the needles, as to if they are sterilized or not, are very important. Also, enquire the cost of the treatment and how many treatments you will require before you invest into this procedure.